Our rates are based on collections (not billed amounts)... That's our incentive to improve your cashflow.

What Do We Do For You?

Maintain Patient Financial Data Files:
• Information is maintained in our secure server. You aren't bothered with additional storage space requirements.

Receive Info. Daily From Practice:
• We have courier services retrieve billing info from you.

Bill Insurance Carriers Daily:
• Claims are sent via electronic clearinghouse daily. Our clearinghouse has most edits carriers utilize. If a claim requires corrections, we are notified within 24 hours, correct the claim and refile. The claim is "clean" when it is received by the carrier.

Research, Correct, Refile Denied Claims:
• We do the work for you. Our staff works with your clinic to expedite requested info to carriers.

Monitor Accounts Receivable Aging:
• We report to you the status of your accounts. We check claim status and dispute unpaid claims.

Manage Insurance & Patient Calls:
• Our staff will gladly discuss the status of an account with the patient. This service makes your office free to assist you with direct patient care needs.

What Does Your Office Do?

Schedule Appointments:
• Your staff has full access to our appointment scheduler at no extra charge. The information is backed up daily.

Verify Insurance Coverage:
• Verifying insurance is critical to a practice. Your office verifies all coverage and eligibility assuring there is appropriate coverage.

Receive Payments:
• Payments are sent to you either by mail or direct deposit. You provide Bill Rite Professional Services with copies of EOB's for posting to accounts.

Provide Charges & Diagnosis:
• You set your fee schedule and we will help you monitor reimbursements.

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